Eyeliner Tattoo | Melbourne

Whether you’re after a more dramatic look or just want to jazz up your everyday look, an eyeliner tattoo is a great permanent alternative to applying temporary makeup. Our Melbourne studio currently offers permanent eyeliner tattoos for those looking to enhance the appearance of their eyes by adding depth and a more defined look.

Should I get an eyeliner tattoo?

If you’re not sure whether this option is for you, please read through the below list of features to get a better understanding as to what this service offers:

  • Give your eyes a more almond shape
  • Turn droopy-looking eyes into sexy ones
  • Have an eyelash enhancement and get a fuller lash look with this liner
  • Give your eyes more definition
  • Never have to put temporary eyeliner on again
  • Enhance the colour of your eyes
  • Solve the unattractive look of “panda eyes”
  • If you have allergies to regular makeup, this the perfect alternative.
  • If you are sick of your liner smudging
  • Have perfectly applied liner every day
  • Saves time spent applying makeup
  • Hides sparse eyelash hairs

Impeccably beautiful designs

Our permanent eyeliner tattoos are specially designed to highlight and define your eyes. They can create the perception that your eyes are mysterious or intense, or can offer a more subtle and natural look. With a variety of choices in thickness and shape, our permanent eyeliner solutions can provide you with long-lasting tails, lines, wings or flicks.

Tattoo procedure

Our beauty technicians will expertly create the look you are after in a friendly, comfortable salon environment. Our tattoos can take up to two hours and we apply a topical anaesthetic to minimise pain. Following your procedure you may experience slight swelling but will be able to see and appreciate the effects instantly.

Book a consultation

Now available at our Melbourne studio, our beauty experts can help you transform your appearance. To book a consultation, please feel free to give us a call on 0409 943 901. You can also contact us online by filling out our simple enquiry forms