Permanent Eyebrows from Makeup Ink'D in Melbourne

Changing or enhancing your look can often mean having to make alterations to the natural structure of your brows. Our permanent eyebrow tattooing, subtly adds to the symmetry and alignment of these-your brows, making you look younger and feel renewed. Perfect for those looking for a fuller brow or added definition, our permanent eyebrow services are available at our Melbourne studio at affordable prices, and include the following styles:

  • Block
  • Shadow
  • Feather
  • Embroidery
  • 3D

How does eyebrow tattooing work?

Permanent eyebrows are applied by added a few strokes to specific gaps in the actual brows itself, making it look fuller and eliminating the need for you to apply pencil every day. This is a huge advantage for those who often find themselves swimming, playing sport or wiping their face from frequent perspiration—it never rubs off or smears.

Moreover, permanent eyebrows are ideal for people in Melbourne who suffer from Alopecia and are required to draw on their brows every day. Make-up Ink’d’s techniques in this field are renowned for delivering HAIR BY HAIR, 3D natural-looking results that impress.

Do I need permanent tattooing?

If you feel you fall under any of the following categories, this service could be a great fit for you:

  • Have thin hair
  • Suffer from medical conditions that affect your hair and eyebrows (such as Alopecia)
  • Are after a fuller look
  • Want to make a dramatic change
  • Can’t apply make-up for various medical, physical or personal reasons
  • Don’t want to apply make-up every day (pencil).
  • Desire darker eyebrows

After a more dramatic look? No worries. We can cater for any taste or personal preference that you may have. Our beauty technicians work exclusively with our clients to design a style that suits their face shape and personal preferences.

Contact Make-up Ink'd

Call our Melbourne team on 0409 943 901 to find out more about our permanent eyebrow packages or book an appointment today. You can also contact our studio by filling out our quick and easy online enquiry forms and we will get back to you as soon as possible.